Writing a standard operating manual

standard operating procedure examples manufacturing

This is usually a bulleted or numbered list of main steps followed by a set of specific substeps. This controlled test of the new potential SOPs will allow you to gather comparative data in real time on the performance of the two models — existing and new.

This approach results in well-documented processes while also providing highly actionable instructions. You might include details of the referencing system in one section and then a step by step walk through in the procedures. Allow for input and discussion across the team, and record down any further steps which are suggested.

To tackle this, he created a detailed process breakdown of the tasks involved and made sure that it was held to every time. You can simply refer to those documents as templates for preferred formatting guidelines.

At this point, you know everything on how to make a standard operating procedure. Click here to access this template. This information should be presented as a short paragraph that states the nature of the procedure and why your business performs it.

In addition to safety guidelines and other mandatory documentation, this type of format is generally a simple numbered or bulleted list with short, simple sentences that are clear and easy for the reader to follow.

There will be multiple drafts and reviews—make sure you invite your team to review the drafts so they can make additional suggestions.

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How to Write a Standard Operating Procedure [5 Easy Steps]